How to become a Vine star in six seconds

‘Filmmaking is now available to everyone’ says Zach King, an internet sensation who started out making Final Cut tutorials, before experimenting with kitten videos on YouTube, and later developing his brand of creativity with Vine.

His magic six-second Vines take up to 24 hours of preparation and 4 hours of shooting, but his efforts seem to be paying off as now he is starring in commercials for LG or McDonalds.

We love his work and our production team are impressed by how easy he makes it look, but it’s even more amazing that seemingly has an endless stream of creative inspiration.

Take a look at some of favourite vines below and see how you could become a Vine star in six seconds!

In the following Ted Talk, Zach King explains how he uses his creativity to produce these magical tricks!

Written by Pau Güell Vila-Ferran