Few westerners visit the infamously secret shores of North Korea, let alone the remote northern regions. However, that is not the case for River Film’s intrepid traveller and editor, William Long.

After crossing the border from China and travelling to the small city of Rason, William experienced a side of the country that is seldom filmed or reported on by western media. Accompanied by two guides, who were notable for the incredible pride they showed in their country, William and his companions were given a special tour of the city to help them paint an accurate portrait of what life is like in the more rural parts of North Korea.

Farmers, fishermen and factory-workers go about their daily lives with honour and dedication, while locals pitch-in to keep their streets clean and safe. We see the natural beauty of the coastline, the traditions of home life and even a performance by children from a local school.

The film William made, astonishingly shot on his iPhone 5, using the Filmic Pro app, is exactly the one he set out to make. In his own words, “the people were beautiful, the scenery was stunning, the colours were vivid and the people we met were genuine characters, loving and full of life – this is the North Korea that I wanted to show.”

Watch the film here: