Film Fixers UK

Fixing Your Sights on the UK’s Top Filming Locations

The UK has become a focus for some of the worlds filmmaking elite. But it isn’t just top quality locations that attract film producers, there are financial incentives, outstanding technical…
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Defiant Mixtape

Beats by Dre: The Defiant Mixtape Vol I

“Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide.” This is filmmaking, product placement, celebrity endorsement and viral marketing done brilliantly! If you wanted to promote a product, you could…
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Inholland university at River Film

River Film hosts Inholland University

Bridging the gap between the academic world and the professional (more…)
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The Bower Old Street header

Real vs Rendering

Wandering through Old Street last week, our Technical Director, Dan Grover, found himself confronted with a familiar sight - The Bower Old Street. Having completed a CGI film for the building in 2014,…
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life in north korea by william long

Life in North Korea

Few westerners visit the infamously secret shores of North Korea, let alone the remote northern regions. However, that is not the case for River Film's intrepid traveller and editor, William…
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Drawing in Virtual Reality

Produced for the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit in New York City, this film sees key speaker and legendary animator Glen Keane test out the latest in virtual reality technology -…
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YoungTurks YouTube Channel Top 5

Top 5 YouTube Channels – August 2015

Given that we deal in the medium of video, we love to see how brands and individuals use it online. Every month we look at five YouTube channels we think are…
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How to become a Vine star in six seconds

'Filmmaking is now available to everyone' says Zach King, an internet sensation who started out making Final Cut tutorials, before experimenting with kitten videos on YouTube, and later developing his brand of creativity with…
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Tech companies and their futuristic headquarters

What does the ideal company HQ look like? Given that the majority of a company's key operations and decisions are coordinated from their headquarters, it is crucial that the buildings themselves are impressive enough…
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Top 5 YouTube Channels – July 2015

With more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube channels have to do their best to differentiate themselves and reach a broader audience. Ted The TED Talks channel…
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