Fixing Your Sights on the UK’s Top Filming Locations

The UK has become a focus for some of the worlds filmmaking elite. But it isn’t just top quality locations that attract film producers, there are financial incentives, outstanding technical talent to draw upon and some of the best production fixers on the planet.

Production fixers in London

What is Production Fixing?

Production fixing is simply the process of supporting companies who are looking to shoot on location, usually in unfamiliar territory. Typically, the work involves activities such as location scouting, equipment rental, planning travel arrangements and booking accommodation. The aim is to ensure that the clients have everything they need when they arrive on location, that the shoot runs to schedule and does so without any significant problems.

Whilst production fixing is nothing new the demand for ‘fixing’ is a good indication of the buoyancy we are seeing right across the British film industry. Figures published by the British Film Institute (BFI), indicate that in 2017 spend on film production reached £1.9 billion, up 12% on the previous year.

The Top Film Locations in London

It’ll come as no surprise that London is the most popular film location in the UK, with the South Bank and Canary Wharf ranked among the top 20 most-used locations in the world. As well as the high profile productions, Bond films for instance, there are hundreds of smaller productions being conceived and crafted in the country’s capital every day.

London top ten filming locations

In addition to London however, a great number of other UK locations are worthy of note. Liverpool, for example, sees its fair share of clapper boards, dollies and jibs and will also be the home to Twickenham Studios’ new base.

Photo of Liverpool

The list goes on, but it is fair to say that for both entertainment and corporate productions, the rich tapestry of locations that the UK has to offer is remarkable – film producers and directors come here because they can find what they are looking for.

“You can get to any kind of location quickly, so it brings down your budget for the film as your moving costs are down and you can shoot more in a day.” Yugesh Walia

While UK locations may be relatively easy to get to, the logistics of doing so can still be considerable. This is why many companies look to experts for help and that’s where production fixers come into the equation.

According to the BFI:

“The strength of the UK’s production sector is rooted in international confidence in the excellence of UK crews, the quality of the UK’s state-of-the-art studios and facilities, our film-friendly locations, crews, support from the British Film Commission and the attractive fiscal environment created by the Government’s creative sector tax reliefs. This winning combination continues to cement the UK’s reputation as the global destination of choice for film and TV production.”