When it comes to live-action filming, nothing is out of our remit. From big, multi-location projects, to simple, face-to-camera shorts, our clients can rely on the wise use of their budget and a smoothly-run production.

As our work covers a wide range of genres, our experience is multifaceted. So if it’s a flythrough drone shot or an underwater close-up, we’ve got the right team, equipment and infrastructure to deliver.


We swear by an intensive pre-production process because the success of the shoot itself depends upon it. Therefore we live by three mantras:

Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.
Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.
Assume everything is a disaster until proven otherwise.

From the moment we receive a brief or script, our team dive into a process of meticulous planning. From finding that ideal art director to securing everyone’s visas, we cut no corners.

The process of live-action filmmaking can throw up plenty of surprises. We ensure that the chain of accountability within a crew is transparent, so if anything arises, it can be resolved quickly. Saying that we always do our utmost to avoid problems in the first place… an hour in pre-production can save a week in post-production. Comprehensive risk assessments are an integral part of this (see production insurance below).



We build teams of the highest quality from our rosters of Directors, DPs, Gaffers, Production Designers, ADs, Production Managers, Location Managers and Casting Directors

Our video for One World Trade Center where live-action filming was used.


Including light-weight quadcopters, heavy-lift octocopters, hand-held on-camera gyro-stabilization, full gyro-stabilization.


When it comes to motion control filming the River Film team cover from 2 axis tabletop to 6 axis high speed, long reach. Our motion control capabilities make our live-action films that little bit more special.

Motion control camera equipment


At River Film, we pride ourselves on facilitating for all types of projects. If your big idea includes some underwater action filming, we’ll have our snorkels at the ready, to bring your idea into reality


At River Film we have developed a global reputation for being green screen experts. Our clients from around the world hire us to capture the green screen footage they need. We specialise in everything from casting the perfect talent to compiling the live-action filming footage you’re in safe hands when you choose

Green screen used in our Etimad Film

Our commercial showreel including the location shoots and a mixture of visualisations


When conducting a live-action location shoot, there are several pivotal factors that any production company must get consider. This includes finding the correct staff to work alongside whilst capturing the live-action footage. If you fail to locate a company whose techniques and ideals align with the project, the whole process can suffer.

Our commercial showreel including the location shoots and a mixture of visualisations


Studio shoots are part of the make-up of River Film. As sector experts we have conducting countless professional studio shoots and have produced films alongside professionals who have worked on blockbuster television shows such as Game of Thrones.

Learn more about River Film.

Etimad behind the scenes breakdown video


We have comprehensive production insurance. This doesn’t cover weather insurance but we can obtain quotes for this if required. Living in the UK we always try to schedule wet cover wherever possible. We can also obtain specialist insurance for working at height, underwater, stunts/wire work, pyrotechnics etc.

River Film seek to ameliorate risk wherever we can, and only use experienced professionals and always carry out thorough risk assessments.