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Production Services

Video Strategy by River Film

Video Strategy

Part of our production services includes ensuring the success of our films, working closely with our clients to set targets, identifying the audience and proposing distribution channels.

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Creative Direction by River Film

Creative Direction

Our creative team assists in all stages of pre-production: from idea-generation and creative development to storyboarding and pre-visualisation.

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Live action filming

Live Action Filming

Our first-class production team specialise in live-action filming, green screen shoots and aerial filming and photography for films of all formats and styles.

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Animation services by River Film


Whether for simple corporate messages or engaging branded content, our animations are dynamic, flexible and hugely cost-effective and are one of our most important production services.

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Visual effects by River Film

Visual Effects

Adding dynamism and emphasis to your project, we create outstanding VFX sequences to transform the final film.

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Post Production by River Filn

Post Production

We have a full-time studio of editors, colour graders and motion designers, so we can put the finishing touches to all types of film content.

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