Visualising architecture and Visualising experiences Through CGI Renderings.

River Film exists to visualise experiences, not just architecture, because how a place feels is just as important as how it looks.

With the right ambition, strategic intent, talent, creative rigour and a solid process, we bring a client’s vision to life in memorable ways.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single CGI rendering, or a full suite of images, films and VR, we strive always for the highest possible production values because we never want to sell a client’s vision short. Architecture visualisation is much more than portraying a building alone, it’s the experiences that building will create for those who engage with it.

It’s often easy to make things that are emotive or explanatory, but we need to create content that is both: films that speak to the head and to the heart, imagery that explains and inspires, animations that impart knowledge and excitement.

“We have worked with River Film for 10 years. Their work is consistently pushing the boundaries, and creates incredible engagement”
Harry Badham – Hammerson (Previously AXA IM)

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    WHO ARE WE…?

    We are an international, award-winning, creative Film production company.

    We also make hyper-realistic still imagery, VR/AR and shared immersive experiences.

    Through powerful storytelling we connect an idea, a vision or an environment to the very people it’s been designed to serve.

    We produce world-class content that flows from information into the power of an emotive brand story.

    In other words, we make content that is BOTH explanatory AND emotive about things that don’t exist yet, or that are hard to visualise. Highlighting not just architecture visualisation but also the visualisation of experiences.

    We bring our heavyweight expertise to any size project, at any scale, anywhere on the planet.

    At our core we are: honest, creative, bold, culturally diverse, collaborative and technical.

    We love creative technologies in all their forms – we just love ideas more – that’s why “Technical” comes last because we believe that technology should be a slave to an idea, not pretend to be an idea itself.

    We make culturally dynamic Films for visionary pioneers. And we love it.


    Our creative approach is clear: we want our CGI renderings to look like stills taken from movies.What does this mean in practice?

    Well it’s really simple – everything we do needs to have an idea behind it and a sense of narrative.

    Now this sounds obvious, but it’s a sad fact that there’s been precious little creativity in CGI renderings historically and this remains the case today.

    Even the term, “Architectural Visualisation” feels wrong today – our mission isn’t simply to visualise architecture, it’s to portray a lifestyle whether that be in an apartment or in an office

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