1550 Crystal Drive


The 1550 Crystal Drive project focuses on the fabulous script created by Wordsearch. This charming voiceover triggered many ideas and visual cues for the River Film team, including a brilliant Talking Heads music video called ‘And She Was’.

The cut-out animation style would allow us creative freedom to illustrate the story told in the voiceover and create excitement around the 1550 lifestyle when people were typically unsure about returning to an office environment.

As the construction of the building already been completed, it was vital that the River Film team had to raise awareness quickly. To maximise engagement, the team hid a tennis racket within the film. If a viewer spotted the racket and informed the developer, they were placed in the running to win a Venus Williams tennis racket that had been used at Wimbledon.

This video was a massive success story for the client and is easily some of our favourite work. When a groundbreaking project lands in our office, we always aim to change the perceptions of the audience. At River Film, we sell experiences and not architecture. Want to learn more about a River Film real estate marketing production? Contact us today.