The Gilbert

The Gilbert project was unlike many traditional real estate marketing films as it had to serve several different audiences. When a film we produce targets more than one style of viewer, we must understand precisely how to catch the attention of all that are watching.

With this project, Brookfield aimed to talk to the sector as a whole as well as potential investors. The aim was to highlight how an older building can make the perfect contemporary with a suitable investment.

The River Film team spent a lot of time on the opening argument of the film, as it was essential that the film produced answered the question: “How can people come together and work as they want to live?”

Using this soundbite as the first soundbite of the film lures the audience in and creates excitement regarding what’s to come. The film also features an illustrative animation of the building itself. At River Film, we constantly strive to find new and interesting ways to leverage illustrative animation. In this case, we used the branding of the building, including the colour scheme, to create something that stands out from the film.

In a broader sense, this film highlights how the embodied carbon of a building is now making advanced refurbishments the most sustainable choice.