101 And 102 Park Drive

Real estate marketing creative development is the key to truly outstanding projects. This film produced to highlight the fantastic 101 and 102 Park Drive was a huge success purely because there’s a great idea behind it!

This light-hearted production was shared widely and was well-received wherever it was viewed. The beauty of the project for us was that the client was willing to give us the opportunity to find the perfect idea. They wanted something that would create conversation and be shared by all who watched it. They could have just shown the buildings, but they wanted River Film to produce something that people would enjoy.

Clients often forget that you need to entertain your audience, not just inform them; otherwise, people don’t watch things or resent you for making them watch them. If you have uninspiring buildings, you have to do more work to stand out and get the word out there as to why this is a great place to be based.

In the case of the real estate marketing creative development for 101 and 102 Park Drive, we were able to create something game-changing. This real estate marketing video makes people ask questions and keeps them entertained throughout, and that’s what you get when your choose River Film. Our team of experts are constantly trying to reimagine the sector and produce something that has never been witnessed before.


101 and 102 Park Drive “The Rivalry”


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