22 Bishopsgate

The 22 Bishopsgate project landed at River Film following a conversation with Sir Stuart Lipton. He was looking to change the audience’s perspective with this production and had decided that River Film was the agency to help him do that.

The perception in question was that skyscrapers are dull places to work. They’re too big and make people feel anonymous. The general populous also believed that if you worked out of a skyscraper, you and your customers would literally and figuratively get lost inside its vastness.

We decided to build a film that focused on the brand’s tagline, “a building for people”. By highlighting that two buildings can look the same from an architectural perspective, but one can be designed around the human experience, we set out to change perspectives.

Introducing several credible sources within the video in short and digestible snippets adds reliability to the message as a whole. As the building itself was almost complete, a fly-through video would have been irrelevant, so we created something that focuses solely on the environment within the walls of the building.

The outcome is a groundbreaking film built using a mixed-media approach, including 2D hand-drawn animation, green screen filming, CGI animation, a careful sound design and lots more.