Thiqah is a government owned company that creates helpful products and services for business sectors in Saudi Arabia. They offer high quality services that are built upon creativity and with a vision to lead innovative solutions.

We therefore produced a film about dreams, about reaching the impossible to find those solutions within a business world where ideas are executed to the best ability.

The voiceover on the film explains this clearly through its poetic and aspirational tone.

The Thiqah project was a very technically complex one as we had to integrate live action filming and motion control to best align the feeling of premium solutions that the business provides and the innovative storyboard from which we were working. The client desired to leverage our vast experience of green screen production so that they could place people in a number of versatile environments, including making certain figures smaller in large settings and vice versa.

Finally we composed a bespoke music track for the film with the main brand key chords and sound design to tie everything together.

We are incredibly proud of the Thiqah project and we believe it speaks volumes that the company reached out to us based on the quality of past video production projects.