30 Broad

30 Broad is a 2D animation project that differs from a lot of our other work. However, this film highlights what can be achieved when you choose River Film for your creative development.

At River Film, our team of experts is vastly experienced and specialises in producing unforgettable films regardless of your specifics. As a creative production agency based in New York and London, we know first-hand how difficult it can be to capture your audience’s attention, and that’s why we are here to help!

This project was designed alongside Knight Frank and Newmark for New-York based client Tribeca LLC. What’s more the film we produced was to change the perception of how difficult it can be to make money. The animation plays on the fact that it’s now going to be easier to do deals in the recently refurbished 30 Broad building.

Therefore, the film we produced is simple and eye-catching whilst not taking too long to get to the perception-changing point. The finished film was an incredibly successful viral campaign and was well received by the community of New York brokers.

If you’re looking for a creative development agency and need someone who changes perceptions and drives change in a sector, look no further than River Film.