One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center was the first major job in New York for River Film, and it remains one of the most poignant. The brief of the project was to portray the building as a new icon of the world’s most iconic skyline.

We wanted the building to appear alongside The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building when people think of New York City.

The question was, how could we achieve this and, of course, how could we do this massively significant building justice with our work?

When River Film was introduced to the project, the building was already a long way into its construction. Therefore it made sense to use some live-action footage shot from a helicopter to give perspective to the vast scale of the building.

From our side, a lot of time went into composing the right shots and tessellating them in a way that helped establish One World Trade Center as an icon in its own right.

Instead of a traditional architectural rendering approach, the River Film team used feature-film production techniques. By leveraging our expertise, we added very high-quality textures onto a simple model of the building to make it look incredible.

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