Hanover Square

Hanover Square was a particularly complicated building for the real estate agents to explain. Therefore, hiring a video production company like River Film made total sense. The overview of the project was that the film had to showcase exactly how the building was put together and highlight how valuable the immediate location of the building could be for the occupants.

We decided that the film needed to be created in a traditional manner in order to resonate with the audience, but it also had to be pieced together in a careful and considerate way.

The project’s creative concept and live-action filming component were about seeing everything prepared for you in advance. We wanted to emulate that feeling created that the production films for the first day of Wimbledon create.

The opening part of the film is illustrative animation. At River Film, we constantly strive to come up with interesting new ways to illustrate a building. We always try to incorporate the brand identity into our illustration style to make something memorable. In this case, we used the colour palette and other features from the brand identity document to keep the film aligned with the experience the brand promotes.

You can draw comparisons between the various illustrative animation we have used by taking a look at our video for One Wall Street or The Gilbert.