On the Etimad project, we worked alongside the Saudi-based creative agency Ubrand to create a film that was eye-catching and memorable. After attempting to film the project in a different country, it landed in River Film HQ as the agency was aware of the success of our past projects.

London is well known for its creative and technical capabilities and the ability to source a highly professional crew. If you’re an international creative agency, you know you’ll have the best staff on your side when you choose to use a London-based company. On this project, that was certainly the case. The crew we worked alongside had recently been involved in huge projects for Netflix and Amazon.

At River Film, we are not only experts in producing films that visualise experiences and change perceptions. We are also brilliant at working out how to achieve the unimaginable and immensely complicated on a much smaller budget than our competitors.

For the Etimad project, we brought feature film techniques and production values to a smaller-scale project. When you choose River Film, you’re giving your marketing film the greatest chance of success.

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