Water Street Masterplan

The Water Street Masterplan project aimed to educate a wider audience as to the real estate development by Strategic Property Partners (SPP).

The Florida-based real estate developers decided to bring an award-winning agency on board to help show the wider market the enormity and complexity of what they were attempting to achieve. Of course, they choose us! Knowing that the project would be distributed on a vast scale (originally, it was shared by the New York Times) meant that the film we produced needed to do everything the client expected and more!

The film needed to explain all that was going on in the most exciting and emotive way possible. If the film was only informative, we knew it would miss the mark; it had to engage the viewers and keep them engaged throughout.

We followed the initial project up with this video, where we leveraged drone and helicopter footage as well as some CGI depositing to create the most accurate representation of the development.

The River Film team also worked on extra collateral in the form of lifestyle CGI renderings. The renderings offered much more than traditional architectural rendings would as they highlighted what life on the development would feel like from a ground-level perspective.

For a behind the scenes view of the project click here.