21 East 12

21 East 12 is a project that highlights several of our strengths as a creative production agency. We are big believers that when you formulate an idea and execute it by following a specific set of processes, you can create a film that is truly worth talking about.

At River Film, we specialise in visualising the experiences that are to be enjoyed within the building rather than the architecture of the building itself. In doing so, we create projects that make the viewer want to engage with the lifestyle of being in a particular place. The 21 East 12 project is no different.

As creatives, we always say that if you’ve got interesting people saying meaningful things within your film, it will capture the audience’s attention. We find shorter and more natural soundbites can help build excitement for the viewer and increase the likelihood of them digesting the information given.

Whilst this project is a reasonably straightforward fly-on-the-wall documentary-style film, it is elevated drastically by those involved within it. The contributors have such great chemistry between them and say thought-provoking things making it a great film to watch.

Of course, it isn’t just about what’s said but how we put those pieces of dialogue together to create a memorable interaction for the audience. This video was hugely successful and has been widely viewed by a vast audience.

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