15 Hudson Yards – 360 Sales Suite

The Hudson Yards 360 sales suite project is an example of content that works exceptionally well in a three hundred and sixty-degree immersive room.

The film utilises the changing seasons and helps the audience visualise the experience of being outdoors at Hudson Yard. Due to the immersive nature of the film, the viewer can engage with and envision how it feels to be in the location at different times of the year.

The reason behind the Hudson Yards three hundred and sixty-degree film’s success is its simplicity. Within great film production, creating something straightforward isn’t always easy. An agency or porduction company needs to understand the audience’s emotions and create something that engages with them in the rawest form.

In Film production, simple doesn’t mean stupid or undefined, it means much more.

This project is uncomplicated, but it is brilliantly defined, which works incredibly well with immersive content.

If you are looking for an agency that understand the needs of your audience and is able to produce 3D rendering work that specialises in visualising experiences, and creates engagement with and excitement about your project, contact River Film today.