330 West 42nd Street

330 West 42nd Street is undoubtedly one of the most iconic buildings we have worked with at River Film. As the original home to Marvel Comics, it was only fitting that this project got the love and creativity it deserved.

The Brand and Strategy were completed by Wordsearch. Furthermore, they came up with a fantastic concept. ‘The Midtown Marvel, a place for superheroes.’

Alan Dewhurst, formally of Passion Pictures, was in charge of the direction. In addition animation god Michael Schlingmann was the animation director of the project. River Film feel fortunate to have worked with such an iconic team, and we believe the combined powers of those involved made the project what it is.

The objective of the project was to create as much engagement and conversation as possible. What’s more, this was the first time the building had been on the market for decades, and therefore, we were tasked to produce something unforgettable. That would also be shareable within the brokerage community in the United States.

To our knowledge, the project was incredibly groundbreaking. No one had made a fully animated, cartoon-style film for a commercial real estate development in New York.

To say that we are proud of this project is an understatement. Firstly, it’s something that speaks volumes of what can be achieved. And how the perception of individuals can be changed when you have an innovative and thought-provoking team of creatives.