The Kensington Building

Changing perspectives with a real estate marketing film is never an easy task. However, at River Film, we aim to do this with every project we take on. The Kensington Building piece of work was no different, but, it did have a different problem that the team had to evaluate.

When working alongside the developer, we quickly realised that the main resistance in the market was actually that Kensington was a non-traditional area for an office building. Therefore, potential tenants were writing the offices off before actually visiting.

The River Film team knew that to change the perspective of an area, we were going to have to highlight the experiences and emotions that the location evokes. Despite being a historic borough of London, Kensington is, in fact, a fabulously vibrant place to work.

On this project, we worked alongside director James Bedford to create something that would breathe life into this fantastic part of London. For us, it’s a piece of work that truly highlights what River Film is all about. By creating a modernised real estate marketing film, we were able to change the perspective of prospective tenants and create a buzz around potentially working in the Kensington area.

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