TSX Broadway

TSX Broadway is a mixed-use tower in Times Square that features an elevated outdoor stage. We produced this film as an introduction in the Sales Center, and came up with the tagline “Find Your Stage”. It is shown on an extremely wide screen in a screening room for maximum impact.

When the client approached us, they already had a fly-through film of the building that explained the development in lots of detail. However, as is often the case with traditional fly-throughs and architectural visualisation, the film lacked emotion.

The brand idea of “find your stage” became the overarching theme for our film. The River Film team wanted to produce a creative that reflected the multiplying power of being based on Times Square. By championing the location as well as the building itself.

When creating a piece that you wish to evoke emotion in the viewer, it’s pivotal to portray how vibrant and exciting the location is, as people aren’t invigorated by great architecture alone.

At River Film, we visualise experiences and change perceptions. The work we produce focuses on inducing emotions from the audience that traditional videos are unable to do. If you wish to see some of our previous work click here.