The FlexAble project was on taken on by River Film for investment and development giants GPE. The FTSE 250 company, which owns approximately £2.5 billion of London property, wanted to tell the world about their new flex-able working offering.

Whilst being a traditional product explainer film, this job was a little trickier for the River Film team as the client had no actual product to show. The product on offer, the FlexAble working space, was incredibly customisable, meaning that without the product, it was going to be challenging to highlight how great the product offering was.

So, we developed a concept that explains the offering in the most innovative way. By creating a FlexAble universe, we were able to show how customisable the product is. We also leveraged work from a number of artists to achieve the perfect setting.

At River Film, our green screen work is heralded, and we chose to shoot this project in that way so that we could make the fantastic environment that the business had created the primary focus of the production.

To avoid the film feeling boring or failing to gain engagement, we wanted to champion the experience and emotions involved when working in a flexible office setting.