My Little Pony

A visual effects marketing film is incredibly complicated to get right, especially when targeting a complex audience such as children.

The My Little Pony film was one of our favourites to work on, as Hasbro as a client is always willing to create something game-changing within the sector.

The River Film team found it great fun working alongside fantastic young actresses who were very professional for their age. When working with kids, it’s all about the casting process as there can often be difficulties with the actors and actresses taking direction. However, for this film, the cast was selected perfectly and was a pleasure to direct, making the film an extremely enjoyable day to be involved in.

At River Film, we constructed a fun creative which allowed us to capture live-action footage that would be eye-catching for the audience and increase the product’s popularity.

When creating a visual effects marketing film, it’s essential to keep the product as the piece’s main focus, regardless of how tempting it can be to go overboard on the visual effect elements.


My Little Pony at Argos

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