One Manhattan Square Brand

The brief for the One Manhattan Square brand film was to produce something that featured all 100,000 sq ft of amenities. We wanted to tackle this in a non-literal way, resulting in something fun and creative to reflect the brand strategy.

The USP of the One Manhattan Square building is that there are so many amenities that it creates a community of its own. Initially, the client wanted to do a photo-realistic fly-through of the building with a long voice-over explaining what was on offer.

However, we provided a solution that they loved: to take away the literal aspect of the project and the vast amount of detail and visualise the experience as a whole. To do this, we created a One Manhattan Square world, showing the exact lifestyle the building would offer.

The film itself was hugely successful from a branding and marketing perspective. By creating excitement in the viewer and making the building a place they don’t want to miss out on!

To produce the film, we conducted a green screen shoot in Brooklyn using a mix of British and American talent before completing all of the post-production work in London.