New York architecture visualisation for Central Park Tower. The key to the Central Park Tower project was, in fact, the vision behind the film. This piece of work started as a mood film that we cut as part of a pitch for the client. However, they liked it so much that they wanted it to be turned into a real estate marketing film.

The Film is titled “Excelsior” after the state motto of New York, meaning “Ever Upward”. Incredibly fitting, right? In the city where Alicia Keys so pitch-perfectly claimed ‘dreams are made of’, not only do the aspirations of those living there aim for the lofty skies so to, do the buildings. We used the state coat of arms and motto to form the premise for our film and to develop a sense of emotion around the Central Park Tower.

Using a manifesto-style voiceover and some incredible live-action filming, the River Film team produced a thought-provoking piece that positioned the building as a new icon of the Manhattan sky.

To capture the footage and build the architecture visualisation for Central Park Tower, we were keen to sneak glimpses of the location from various other focal points within New York. We chose the Hudson River, Times Square, the top of the Met Museum and the Lincoln Center. We then tied the video together with some live-action film shot from a helicopter.

The shoot was made difficult as to build an architecture visualisation for Central Park Tower; we knew we had to scale the building perfectly. However, due to the vast size of the project (which was yet to be built), we had to guess how tall it would be. To provide footage that would give the correct perspective, we had to shoot in a way that we could extend the sky to fit the structure into the shot. This is done by shooting when there is a clear sky above the horizon, as only then are we able to extend and fit everything into the shot.

At River Film, we specialise in architecture visualisation and produce films that don’t only visualise the building but visualise the experiences that the audience can expect from interacting with it.