70 SMA CGI breakdown

The 70 SMA CGI breakdown is very different from many of our website’s videos. The video focuses on how the River Film team make our CGI’s and how our processes differ from other video production companies in the sector.

In order to help visualise the experience rather than the architecture, we conducted a bespoke studio shoot with actors before placing them within the 70 St Mary’s Axe setting.

When you choose River Film to build your bespoke real estate marketing film, you get the most com service in the production sector. Due to our vast background in shooting green screen figures, we can help create an environment that feels warmer and more complete within your CGI film.

At River Film, we create a complete production that is eye-catching, innovative and helps your viewers to envision what life is like at your development. By combining different styles and techniques we are able to build something that feels entirely lovable and workable. Breathing life into your building, regardless of whether it is a shell or a completed project that is still empty is what we specialise in at River Film. If you are wanting to sell an experience and not a building, contact us today.

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