Capital Gate

The Capital Gate Tower is also known as the leaning tower of Abu Dhabi and is one of many Middle Eastern projects River Film has been hired to produce.

Whilst filming the live-action element for this film, three main challenges arose. The first was that an armed guard accompanied the River Film team throughout the process, which made directing something sleek a little more complicated. A sandstorm which occurred during filming caused multiple issues, including poor visibility, which meant the River Film team had to be strategic with the shots they were able to take. Finally, during filming, the tower was being cleaned, and we had to edit out the window cleaners post-production so that the magnificence of the building remained unspoilt during the film.

You may not be able to tell, but we also had to use visual effects within the film to finish certain parts of the Capital Gate building. The development was unfinished when we were shooting the footage from a helicopter, so it was essential to portray the building in its completed state.

At River Film, we are hired to film and produce architecture visualisation films across the world. From our London and New York bases, we are able to complete projects of all sizes (the more thought-provoking and challenging, the better)! If you want to learn about all our capabilities, follow this link, and if you want to contact us today, follow this one.


Capital Gate


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