Potsdamer Platz 2021

After heavy investment into the Potsdamer Platz quarter, Brookfield Properties approached River Film to help change the existing perceptions of the area. The project involved creating something that would resonate with local and wider market audiences.

Following on from the hugely successful live-action film we produced in 2019, Brookfield had decided they wanted the River Film team to help them tell a broader story. However, it was essential that we reused some of the earlier live-action work as it was so well received.

Firstly, we addressed whether a photo-realistic fly-through would be a suitable choice for the project. But, after consideration, we decided it would be far more fitting for the brand to go down an illustrative route with the work.

At River Film, we always consider how we can achieve the most exciting work for the most competitive rate. In this case, we feel a Photo-realistic and live-action combination would have been far more costly and not been half as enjoyable.

The illustrative approach featured in the video captures the visual identity and spirit of the brand as well as highlighting how exciting the development is for the city. Rather than a traditional architectural visualisation approach, River Film brought a production that was eye-catching and focused on visualising the experience of living in the Potsdamer Platz.