City of London Corporation Film

The City of London Corporation Film is a classic example of a production that attempts to change perceptions. Following the Covid pandemic, the City of London assembled a recovery task force and hired River film to create a project highlighting their work.

However, it became evident, having spoken to some of the interviewees, that there was a much deeper conversation that the video should highlight. The dialogue in question revolved around the way in which London was changing. The city was reinventing itself and had shrugged off the preconception that it was a stuffy and ageing place to live. We highlighted this to the client and went about making that film.

On the City of London Corporation project, we acted as creative agency and production company, and the film’s direction was taken on by our CEO David Groundwater.

For the creative, we decided that we needed to have something to pull the film together and give the production a spine. We agreed on the concept of having the young drummers to catch the viewer’s attention. The scriptwriting process included understanding what sort of soundbites we wanted from our interviewees and piecing them together in a logical and enticing way. For this project, we decided on shorter and snappy soundbites to create interest in the points being shared.

At River Film, we are always incredibly proud to help showcase the brilliant work that goes on in our home city of London. If you’re looking for a London-based film production agency to help with your next project, you know where we are